Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Black Armbands at the Ready

As you have probably heard, cancer has claimed Anne Bancroft at age 73. Among the ways The Reeler recommends celebrating the Bronx native's life, in varying degrees of obviousness:

1) Duh: Have another look at The Graduate. She was only 35 at the time of shooting (five years older than Dustin Hoffman, in fact), yet she set the standard by which "the older woman" will forever be judged. Which is fine by me.

2) Less obvious: Have another look at The Miracle Worker. Arthur Penn's first great film of the 1960s, he directed Bancroft and Patty Duke to Oscar wins. And somehow, Bancroft looks curiously sexy in those dark glasses.

3) Least obvious: Have another look at Fatso. Bancroft's only stab at writing and directing, the Dom DeLuise eating-disorder dramedy was about two decades ahead of its time, and is probably still a little unsettling. There's only one way to find out--if video stores even carry it. It's a no-show on Netflix.


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