Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Grady Hendrix: The Accidental Festival Chief?

The Reeler recently had a chance to catch up with Grady Hendrix, the NYC writer/film buff/raconteur behind Subway Cinema and the New York Asian Film Festival. Hendrix contributed a great piece to Slate last week about the hassles of organizing a film festival on your own--perils on which he elaborated before another packed screening at Anthology Film Archives.

Asian film fans roll up their sleeping bags, stow their lawn chairs and geek up for Arahan (Photo: STV)

"This is about as big as we can get," Hendrix said, taking a second to redirect a group of filmgoers from the theater lobby to a line queueing onto Second Avenue. "We've all got day jobs, and we're all on our last warnings for spending too much time away from the office. Next year, we're hoping it will still be this size. And if keeps going the way that it is, it definitely will."

Hendrix added that while the festival benefits from limited corporate sponsorship (hotel rooms, distributor packages, etc.), the overriding gauge of success is audience support "If the audience doesn't come, we don't have the festival," he said. "We all go into credit card debt. We pay all the expenses out-of-pocket and hope to make them back on ticket sales. As the audience has gotten bigger, we've been able to expand the festival."

That expansion has taken the NYAFF from a couple of screens at Anthology to a couple of theaters (the ImaginAsian will begin hosting screenings this weekend), and from 11 films in 2002 to 31 films in 2005. "This year has been a little different from last year. Last year, we had Hero, and that was a big sell-out. This year, it's been sort of steady across the board. Godzilla: Final Wars is a big show. Princess Raccoon is doing well. Arahan and Three ... Extremes are doing well. It's been kind of nice to see things spread out, but it's still hard to sell things that aren't genre movies, but that's just the nature of the beast."

Check The Reeler next week for continued coverage of the New York Asian Film Festival.


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