Wednesday, June 22, 2005

One Hell of a "Talent" Show

Breaking down last weekend's box office tallies reveals a stunning fact: Andrew Wagner's self-financed, self-distributed, self-referential classic The Talent Given Us collected the second-highest per-screen gross in the country.

The Wagners were everywhere in New York last weekend (Photo: STV)

Strong reviews and word-of-mouth helped Wagner's film pull in $12,700 on a single screen at the Angelika Film Center. That figure trailed only Miranda July's much-hyped debut Me and You and Everyone We Know, which grossed $30,800 on "one" screen (it was really two) at a brand-new movie theater you may have read about.

"It is wonderfully gratifying," Wagner told The Reeler today. "When I finished the film, I had a powerful feeling that if we could find our way into theaters, then people would connect with it. And judging from the turnout and the Q&A's from after the screenings, that seems to be happening."

The New York premiere's success has also resulted in additional interest from theaters nationwide. Wagner said at least 10 additional cities booked Talent since reports of its phenomenal opening, and a dozen more have expressed interest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw The Talent Given Us this weekend on the recommendation of a friend who is a very tough film critic and LOVED it. I was very impressed with the movie, two enthusiastic thumbs up.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Doug McIntosh said...

I had the opportunity to see “The Talent Given Us” and thought it was absolutely sensational. It brought back a rush of memories about family trips when our car too became a psychiatrist couch. What a sensational job Andrew Wagner did with almost no resources other than an incredibly fertile mind and tremendous creativity!

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Larry Polgar said...

I saw the review on Ebert and Roper and couldn't wait to see the movie. Didn't make it to NY, but found out from their site ( it's playing in LA in a couple of weeks:

JUNE 30, 2005

JULY 1, 2005
LAEMMLE SUNSET 5 [Los Angeles]

Can't wait to check it out

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Sujewa Ekanayake said...

Ins-Pi-Rational, for us self-distro kind of folks. When it plays in DC I'll check it out.

1:41 PM  
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