Friday, June 24, 2005

Screening Gotham: June 24-26, 2005

The Late Bloomer's Sumida Masakiyo: Not a happy boy (Photo: Subway Cinema)

--Arguably the best (and easily the most wrenching) film playing at this year's New York Asian Film Festival, Go Shibata's The Late Bloomer tells the story of Sumida, a wheelechair-bound loner whose unrequited love for his caretaker plunges him into psychopathy. Call it what you will: an experimental bloodbath, Taxi Driver with cripples… In a festival puncuated with rhapsodic masterpieces (and Godzilla finales), it is as close to required viewing as anything going down in New York this weekend. The Late Bloomer screens Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at Anthology Film Archives.

--I have never tried movie-hopping at Lincoln Center, but today might be the time I give it a try: The Film Society of Lincoln Center opens its Louis Malle retrospective with a one-two-three punch of the noir Elevator to the Gallows, the, um, familial Murmur of the Heart and his 1987 classic Au Revoir Les Enfants. The series continues through July 19, but remember: God hates procrastinators.

--Tonight at 7:30, Hal Hartley will take part in this month's installment of indieWIRE's filmmaker discussion series at the SoHo Apple Store. Hartley will have a few things to say about his new film, The Girl From Monday, and probably at least one thing to say about what is on his iPod. You walk in that place, you can't help it.


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